Although our preferred investment targets are within the transports and logistics sectors, the Fund's investments may be pursued in any economic and industrial sectors and in any investment zone. Investment Strategy

The OTL Fund's investment objective is to obtain, superior returns and to achieve capital growth over the medium and long-term by investing over the Investment Period its assets directly or indirectly in entities in view of their launch, their development or their listing on a stock exchange.

The Fund may also invest its assets directly or indirectly in any body corporate, association, partnership or investment scheme which invests their assets in risk capital. The Investments may among others be in the form of equity securities, debt securities or other debt instruments and may be made in the context of buyouts, the raising of venture capital and mezzanine financings.

It is expected that most transactions will be made in private equity by the means of an allocation of funds to a special purpose vehicle or to other existing investment entities. It is the intention of the General Partner to maximise the profits and, upon increase of value, to realize the Investments at maturity.

The General Partner shall manage the Fund, insofar as possible, in order to have flexibility regarding the exit strategies. With the objective to maximize value creation to Shareholders, focus will be given to try to choose the best exit strategy at any given period depending on economic and market conditions. Exit strategies may comprise one company at a time or several related companies in a joint sale. The two main exit strategies are through an IPO or, alternatively, a sale to a strategic investor.
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