The Orey Group

Orey Group founded in 1886, nowadays called Sociedade Comercial Orey Antunes, S.A. is a listed company in NYSE Euronext Lisboa, with its origins in shipping agency business, ship building business and as a trading company to the Portuguese speaking countries with strong commercial links and latterly maintaining operating interests in freight forwarding, logistics, port operations and shipping services in Iberia, Africa and Brazil.

Throughout its long history it has gone through countless economic cycles and sundry phases of social and political life, both in Portugal and abroad. Since it was set up, its management has been in the hands of the Orey family, now the fourth generation.

During the 40?s and due to the links with the ship-building business various important technical skills were acquired and it was created a naval and safety-at-sea business area still extant within the Group via its technical representations companies.

Over a period of more than 125 years Orey Group gained experience in the transport & logistics area which made the Orey brand a guarantee of greater quality and success from which it has transported merchandise of every kind to nearly every country in the world and acquired the experience required to respond with quality, rigour and confidence to the transportation needs of its customers.

As of 2004 it also offered diverse financial services, a legacy of the purchase of a majority share in the company in 2002 by Mr. Duarte Maia de Albuquerque d?Orey, the current Executive Chairman of the Group and concurrently the majority owner of First Portuguese Group, a financial services firm that was merged into Orey Group.

In recent years the Group had been successful in making its management more professional, both at the subsidiaries and within the board of directors itself, adopting best management practices, instilling dynamics of change and defining strategic guidelines for given time frames.

In June 2009 the Shareholders Assembly of SCOA resolved to pursue a realignment for the Group: namely to establish a clear identity as a Financial Services company. This would be achieved by the packaging of all the operating assets of the group into individual buyouts and into a Private Equity Fund structure, with Private Equity thereby becoming one arm of a diversified financial services company

This decision started a process of strategic repositioning and SCOA now stands in the marketplace as an investment holding company. The goals of these changes were not only to maximize equityholders value but also to strengthen Orey's strategic position, preparing the Company for sustained growth in those areas in which it operates, creating opportunities for all.

This new situation lends sequence to the strategic plan with a view to focus the Group's business on the financial area by managing the Group's traditional business areas (shipping, transport and logistics, and technical representations) through a private equity fund.

To this end, a private equity structure was founded. OREY CAPITAL PARTNERS TRANSPORTS AND LOGISTICS FUND S.C.A. SICAR is a Luxembourg Sicar and OREY CAPITAL PARTNERS GP S.à r.l. is the General Partner of the SICAR.

These decisions are underpinned by the need to develop, to grow and to lend critical dimension to both business areas, financial and non financial, which requires a substantial effort in terms of capital.

The main goals of the new strategic path were:
  • To simplify and improve Orey's investment case and, consequently, its stock market performance;
  • To transform Orey Financial into an innovative business, involved in Portuguese-speaking countries bordering on the Atlantic and focusing on high-return niche markets;
  • To attract new investors in order to increase significantly the dimension of the non-financial area through the development of the Private Equity funds.
SCOA is profoundly convinced that this is the strategy that best defends the interests of all stakeholders. And once again, as always over the past 125 years, SCOA views the future with confidence, in the certainty that, with vision, dedication and hard work, the company shall meet its goals.
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